Printed Circuit Board Assemblies Manufacturer

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Board Thickness 0.020
Copper Thickness 1.4mils

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 10 Piece(s)
Packaging Details Carefully packaged to avoid damage


Process Manufacturing Capability Remark
Surface Finishing HASL, HASL LF, ENIG, gold fingers plating, OSP, Immersion Ag,
Immersion Sn, Carbon Ink, peelable mask, plug vias with resin
Board Thickness 0.2 MM ~ 6.0 MM -
Layers 1 ~ 28 L -
Material Brand KB, ITEQ, Shengyi, Huazheng NanYa, CEM, Arlon,Rogers, Teflon, Polymide, Aluminum Base, Halogen Free Peters Soldermask Kapton high temperature tape, Taiyo Ink -
TG  low to high, TG135 to TG180 -
Board Size Max board size 508 x 1016 MM; Min board size: 3*3 mm -
Inner Layer ring of line: single sided 4mil Aspect ratio 10: 1
 min trace w/s for 1 OZ 3 mil/2.6mil Max finished copper thickness 18/18 oz
(hole to line or pad spacing: min 6mil -
Lamination  Max size can be laminated 790 x 890 mm -
 Layer to Layer Registration tolerance ± 3 mil -
Drilling  min finished hole size - laser 0.1mm mechanical 0.15mm -
(PTH hole size tolerance: ± 3 mil NPTH hole size tolerance: ± 2 mil hole position registration tolerance - ± 2 mil
min slot size - 0.55 mm -
Outer Layer 1oz: 3/3 mil, 2oz 5/5 mil Max finished copper thickness 18/18 ozMax finished copper thickness 18/18 oz
Hole to line PAD 6 mil -
line to outline > 10 mil -
Plating hole wall copper thickness 1-10 mil -
10:1 -

Etch tolerance  ±10%

Soldermask min soldermaks bridge 4mil min PAD 20 mil
 pad to outer layer line: 3mil, min ring 2 mil -
soldermask thickness 0.4~1.0 mil -
soldermask color green, blue, yello, red, black, white, transparent and so on -
ENIG+Gold Finger gold thickness of ENIG 1~ 6 u" Nickle thickness of ENIG 100 ~ 200 u" -
gold thickness of gold finger; 1 ~ 60u" -
Silkscreen min line width 5 mil line height 36 mil max line height -  40 mil
 Silkscreen Color white, black, yellow, red -
Profiling Tolerance of outline - ± 0.1mm -
V-CUT Angle: 30 degree & 45 degree min V-Cut width 75 MM
Depth Board thickness 1.2 mm Remain thickness -  1/3
Board thickness 1.2 mm, remain thickness 20 mil (0.5 mm)
min distance V-Cut to copper 0.4 MM
 Bevelling angle/depth: 20o/1.8 mm 30o /1.0 mm 45o/0.5 mm tolerance± 5o/± 0.2 mm -
Test max test points/one time50000 -
max board size/one time: 1200x650 mm -
Peelable Thickness 0.2mil~ 2mil -
Bow and Twist 1L≤1.0%  2L≤0.7% Multi layers≤0.6% -
Monthly Capcity 40,000 -